How Can the Writing Center Help Me?

9 Sep

What is a Writing Center? 

A Writing Center is exactly as it sounds – a place for students and faculty/staff to get help with their writing! At the Writing Center, tutors work with clients to strengthen their writing and their use of the writing process.

How does it work? 

The first step involves scheduling an appointment. To learn more about Online appointments and Face-to-Face appointments, please read visit our appointment instruction page. During the appointment time, the client submits an assignment (either in person in the Writing Center or by email for online appointments) and the Writing Center tutor and the client review the assignment, discussing its purpose, reviewing any primary concerns the client has and working to improve the assignment in whatever way possible.

How is that helpful? 

Writing Center appointments are useful for clients in many ways. A Writing Center tutor can act as an additional set of eyes. Tutors can help clients make sure they are communicating clearly and effectively in an academic tone. Together, tutors and clients can make sure that the assignment meets the course requirements. Tutors can also assist clients as they navigate the phases of the writing process, and work to prevent writer’s block.

But what if I haven’t written anything? 

That’s okay! The Writing Center can help you – even if you haven’t written anything yet. Schedule a Face-to-Face appointment to work with a tutor on anything from brainstorming ideas to get you started to constructing an outline.

Sounds good. Where are you located and when can I come in? 

The Writing Center is located in B17-A, in the basement, next to the Student Lounge. See our current hours to find a time that works for you, and use our online scheduler to book an appointment today!


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