Nursing 206 Students!

17 Sep

Your writing assignment is due in approximately one month! From the assignment description:

Write a two – three page scholarly paper utilizing current APA format in which you answer the question, “How will you use critical thinking and/or clinical reasoning in your nursing practice when making clinical decisions for a group of patients?” Support your answer with evidence from two scholarly articles.

How can the Writing Center help?

The Writing Center can help you with the completion of this writing assignment in several ways:


Not sure what to write about or where to begin? Having trouble answering the assignment question? Not sure what a “scholarly article” is, or how to use it in your writing assignment? Come to the Writing Center!

At the Writing Center, we can help you brainstorm ideas, identify scholarly sources from popular sources, and work on demystify the assignment so that you are confident as you begin writing. Schedule an appointment today to begin brainstorming ideas (and even constructing an outline)!


Have a general idea of what to write about, but are unsure of how to get there? Having trouble developing substantial body paragraphs? Worried you have a start to the assignment but won’t be able to meet the two – three page requirement? Experiencing Writer’s Block? Come to the Writing Center!

At the Writing Center, we can help you transform the ideas and writing that you already have into a finished draft. It doesn’t matter if you have written a sentence, a paragraph, or a page – we can work with what you already have to identify areas of further development and work toward the completion of a finished draft. Schedule an appointment today for assistance with the drafting process!

Revising & Editing

Have you finished the assignment, but you’re not sure if it’s quite right? Worried that you may be missing something? Want an extra set of eyes to look over your draft and assist you with identifying any necessary areas for revision? Come to the Writing Center!

At the Writing Center, we can help you identify revision opportunities. In looking at everything from your tone and voice, to your focus and flow, we can help you identify areas where you can improve your writing. We also have a number of resources on common grammatical and mechanical issues and APA style to assist you as you edit.

Don’t wait until the last minute! As the deadline approaches, appointment slots will fill up quickly.  Book an appointment today to ensure you will get the necessary assistance when you need it!

© Alyssa Ryan and The Christ College Writing Center (2013-2016)



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