Welcome Back!

3 Jan

Welcome back, students! As you know, the Spring 2015 semester brings with it a whole new selection of courses, and many of them will involve some sort of writing. Whether it’s a response paper, a speech, a group presentation, or a literature review, the Writing Center is here to help! Now, you may ask, “How can the Writing Center help me?”

Well, there are many different ways!

Appointments for Any Schedule!

The Writing Center offers two different types of appointments: face-to-face and online. Face-to-face appointments occur in the Writing Center, which is located on campus in B17-A, next to the student lounge.

Face-to-face appointments are offered at various times Monday-Friday during any academic semester. Face-to-face appointments last for one half hour, and students may schedule multiple appointments if additional help is needed. Face-to-face appointments can be especially helpful for brainstorming or constructing an outline!

Online appointments are offered 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday during any academic semester. Online appointments involve submitting your project and any questions via email to our online tutor, Rebecca Hale. Rebecca will review your project and return it with feedback within 48 hours.

Come see us at any point, for any assignment!

You can visit the Writing Center at any stage in the Writing Process. What does that mean? If you have finished a writing project and would like feedback from a tutor, you can come to the Writing Center! If you are working on a writing project, but you want to make sure that you are heading in the right direction, you can come to the Writing Center! Have Writer’s Block? Come to the Writing Center? Having trouble getting started? Come to the Writing Center! We are happy to help at any point and with just about any issue!

You can also bring just about any writing assignment or project to the Writing Center. This means that we can help you with everything from that outline for your speech for Communications, to a response paper for a Nursing course, the credo you may write for Ethics, or even your professional resume! If it involves writing, you are more than welcome to visit the Writing Center for assistance. We also help with group projects and papers!

Scheduling an Appointment is Easy!

The first step in utilizing the Writing Center is scheduling an appointment! You should receive a confirmation email with your appointment day and time. If you schedule an Online appointment, make sure to check your email, as you will receive email instructions for submitting the assignment for review. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at Alyssa.ryan@thechristcollege.edu!


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