Can’t Write This? Visit the Writing Center!

3 Oct

We’re almost midway through the semester and you know what that means! Not only are mid-terms just around the corner, but it is time to start thinking about those mid-semester projects and writing assignments. With all of the stress of classes, studying, exams, and clinicals, the thought of adding a writing project into the mix can be quite daunting! Trying to juggle multiple assignments and commitments can add extra pressure, and that can often lead to writer’s block!

Now, imagine that, like MC Grammar Punch, you have received a writing assignment for one of your classes. You know what you are supposed to do, you have the information that you need, but you just cannot figure out how to complete that writing assignment. Well, there are a few things that can help you!

Can’t write this paper? That’s no excuse! Take it from MC Grammar Punch – if you use the resources available to you, you will have that paper completed in no time! Interested in receiving some help? Schedule an appointment today!


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  1. Overcoming Writer’s Block and Writing Procrastination | The Christ College Writing Center - November 11, 2015

    […] can’t write it? Schedule an appointment in the Writing Center! For more information on scheduling an appointment, […]

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