A Quick Guide to APA Formatting

23 Jan

Every day, students come into the Writing Center with questions about APA formatting. How do I make a cover page? They ask. What is a Running Head? How do I set up my References page? While there are a number of excellent resources available to assist students as they format papers and cite sources in APA Style – including the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and the Purdue University Online Writing Lab’s Guide to APA Style – some of the instructions can be difficult to follow.

Join us today with YouTube user David Taylor as he walks us through the process of setting up a cover page, following the proper formatting regulations, creating a Running Head, and beginning a References page. This step-by-step tutorial highlights the different tools used in Word to quickly and easily format any paper according to the APA Style Guide. For more information, check out some of our past posts on APA Style:

Are you confident in your APA formatting abilities? Test your knowledge with this quiz! And remember, please schedule an appointment and come see us in the Writing Center for help with any writing question – no matter how small!

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