Utilizing the Writing Center

14 Mar

What is the Writing Center? 

The Christ College Writing Center assists students and faculty/staff with academic and professional papers and projects (writing assignments, resumes, speech outlines, etc.). Writing Center consultants will work collaboratively with clients to empower them and help them better understand and use the writing process. At the end of a consultation session, clients should have acquired knowledge and skills that can be used on future papers and projects.

Where is the Writing Center located? 

The Writing Center is located on campus in B17-A, which is the room next to the student lounge. Check out the bulletin board outside of the Writing Center to participate in our college-wide crossword puzzle!

When can I visit the Writing Center? 

The Writing Center offers face-to-face and online consultations. Face-to-face consultations are offered Monday-Thursday from 10AM-4PM for the Spring 2016 semester. Online consultations are offered Monday-Thursday from 10AM-4PM and Friday by appointment. Consultations can be scheduled by visiting our online scheduler.

Do I really need to schedule an appointment? 

Yes! Scheduling an appointment is both beneficial and necessary for a number of reasons. First, by scheduling an appointment, you have a guaranteed day and time to work with a tutor. As the semester progresses and more writing assignments are due, Writing Center appointments will fill up quickly, making it impossible to receive assistance if you do not have an appointment.

Additionally, scheduling an appointment in the Writing Center in advance of your assignment’s due date can help you make sure that you complete the assignment in a timely manner. A number of students prefer to schedule an appointment for a week before an assignment is due as this ensures they will complete the assignment ahead of time. This offers you the best chance to perfect your assignment before submitting it!

Any questions? Feel free to send us an email!

© Alyssa Ryan


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